Illustrations I drew for ‘Into The Peatlands’ are now available for sale as limited edition prints. Prices on request.

Title Page
‘Peat Bank with Footprints’
P10 Introduction: A Leaving
‘Footprint (Angus Gillies)’
P.16 Creation: What is Peat?
‘Peat Stack’
P.26 Spring: The Golden Age
‘Tairsgeir and Spade’
P.52 Littoral: Beltane
‘Athainne; bog wood torch’
P.55 Spring/Summer
‘Spiralling Peat Stack’
P.56 Summer: The Age of Silver
‘Donald John’s Peat Stack’
P.107 Peat Stack; Cruach Mona
‘Wee Peat Stack’
P.108 Littoral: Marriage
‘Peat Creel’
P.112 Autumn: The Age of Bronze
‘Cast Iron Stove’

P.160 Winter: the Age of Iron

‘Aurora over the Flow Country’
P.220 Supernatural Moor
‘Rannoch Brindled Beauty Moth’
P.228 Spring Again: The Age of Folly or a new Golden Age?
‘Tomintoul Peat Moss’
‘South Uist Peat Stack’