Homage to Robert Smithson’s ‘3 Smoke Tree Circles’ 1972.

homage to Robert Smithson’s 1972 drawing ‘3 Smoke Tree Circles’. The smoke trees are replaced with smoky peat dug from the landscape, preserved within them the remains of ancient trees.805896BA-7F17-41D3-83E8-1FFD5D3AB32ESmithson (1938-1973) was an American sculptor and land artist. He used spirals and circles in many of his works combining the ancient and the modern within the landscape. I received a book of his drawings published by The New York Cultural Center as a gift from my father for Christmas 1983 and it has been one of my inspirations ever since.B29359D8-D3D4-49B0-97D0-E2F6A8CC6018


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