Jane Welsh bakes a loaf for Thomas Carlyle


Living out on the high moor at Craigenputtock Farm, Dumfries in 1828 was Jane Welsh with her new husband Thomas Carlyle.
“I had gone with my husband to live on a little estate of peat bog that had descended to me all the way down from John Welsh the Covenanter, who married a daughter of John Knox. It was sixteen miles distant on every side from all the conveniences of life, shops, even post-office. Further, we were very poor, and further and worse, being an only child, and brought up to great prospects, I was sublimely ignorant of every branch of useful knowledge, though a capital Latin scholar and very fair mathematician. It behoved me in these astonishing circumstances to learn to cook! no capable servant choosing to live at such an out-of-the-way place, and my husband having bad digestion, which complicated my difficulties dreadfully. So I sent for Cobbett’s ‘Cottage Economy,’ and fell to work at a loaf of bread…”Leben Schillers


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