Moss Lairds

One of a series of roads excavated 250 years ago across Blair Drummond Moss which were flanked by 12 feet walls of peat bog, probably the height of the telephone wires in the picture. Highlanders from the other side of Ben Venue (the mountain in distance at the end of this vista) were given their own portion of bog to dig out from these roads, rent free for 18 years. Their shelters were mere peat caves, which then dried out and which they propped up with wooden staves to make their homes, earning them the epithet “moss lairds”.  Kirk Lane, Rossburn Lane, Wood Lane, Westwood Lane, Napier’s Lane, Drip Moss, Robertson’s Lane, and Sommer’s Lane,  today these roads still exist and the farmland they created to feed their families still feeds us today.IMG_1086

2 thoughts on “Moss Lairds

  1. J & D We recall seeing, about 15yrs ago, a peat cave on the moors south of Ness, Isle of Lewis. It had door and window openings, several rooms, and the roof was lined with corrugated steel sheets, with timber props and joists. An underground airidh/sheiling!


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