More spadework in #Reykjavik 

On the other side of Brekkukot the Vatnsmyri nature reserve is now home to ground nesting birds- greylag geese and arctic tern, new arrivals for the spring and summer; migratory North Atlantic humans check in at the nearby city airport; and a growing array of incoming business ventures like @CCPGames, whose CEO is pictured cutting the first turfs on a huge 17,500 sq m new office, workspace, conference hall and shopping development in conjunction with the #University of Iceland, below.


Digging has long been part of Vatnsmyri’s history. Runolfur in ‘The Fish Can Sing’ tells the woman from Landbrot:

There has been nothing to equal [the cess pools at Grotta] in the whole world since the great peat-pits were dug in Vatnsmyri many years ago.”

‘The Fish Can Sing’, Halldor Laxness p.66

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