Sabbath offering


“About this artwork
This shows the choir of the Noorderkerk at Hoorn in North Holland. This part of the church was called the Armenkerk (church of the poor). Services were held here for poorer members of the local community who were then given food and peat, which they used for fuel. The Armenkerk was divided from the main church by a decorative screen. The carving above the door bears the town motto, ‘Gaat Hoorn Het Woort’ (which translates loosely as ‘Trumpet the Word’), where the word ‘Hoorn’ is represented by a carved image of a horn. There is a related watercolour by Bosboom, Consistoriekamer te Hoorn (The Amsterdam Museum) and an oil version (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam).
* Title: The Preacher
* Accession number: NG 1468
* Artist: Johannes Bosboom  Dutch(1817 – 1891)
* Gallery: In Storage”

image and text © copyright National Galleries of Scotland

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